We offer our clients a comprehensive service

Pre-placement Support

  • Design job descriptions & person specifications
  • Assess CVs and pre-screening applicants to ensure you only see the best possible shortlist
  • Offer advice and guidance on the latest salary and market data
  • We identify suitable candidates using a number of strategies, at your preference
  • We have access to a number of job boards and use social media including Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to source suitable candidates. All roles can be advertised discreetly if required.
  • We also have an established network and internal expertise in place to enable us to headhunt the most suitable candidates for your roles.
  • We can take care of all aspects of recruitment administration
  • We have an internal trainer who can deliver training and coaching up to executive level in recruitment and interview best practice
  • Support in developing interview styles including competency, task and situational based interviews to guarantee you get the best candidate for the role
  • We can also assist in suggesting suitable interview questions and presentation briefs (Interview Coaching)

Personality Profiling and Psychometrics

  • Where appropriate we can use personality profiling and psychometric testing to identify those candidates likely to be the best fit with your organisation enabling longevity within your organisation.
  • Professional profiling techniques can provide a much more accurate measure of a particular aspect of a candidate’s skills
  • Reports can be tailored to focus on the specific area that is of interest to you – for instance, sales, leadership style, emotional intelligence or teamwork
  • We only work with professional, proven tests with the agreement of all parties

Post-placement Support

  • Our commitment to you and your organisation doesn’t end with a candidate’s acceptance letter. We offer continuing support and advice to placed candidates. This ongoing communication ensures the early resolution of any initial teething problems.
  • We are proud of our comprehensive approach to recruitment, ensuring both businesses and candidates experience effective, transparent, and honest working relationships with us. Recruitment is very personal, and we aim to ensure everyone who experiences this process feels looked after, and not part of a “sales transaction”. We are passionate about sourcing the best possible talent for your business so the services we offer come as standard.

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