The waiting game can feel like the longest time in the world! But rest assured, NPP will give you feedback from your interview as soon as possible. We like to give candidates feedback within 24 hours, but if this isn’t possible we will give you a timescale of when you can expect it.

Unsuccessful Interview

If you don’t get the outcome you wanted, don’t take it personally. We will help to find out the reasons your were unsuccessful and work with you to improve these for your next application.

It is worth considering:

Was my CV tailored to the job? Did it read well? – Your NPP consultant can help with CV advice

Did you do enough interview preparation? Did you struggle to answer any questions?

It is important to remain optimistic and treat the process like a journey and learn along the way!

Successful Interview

Congratulations!! It’s time for a fresh start and you can now breathe a sigh of relief now the interview process is over!

The NPP team will keep in touch with you over the first few weeks of your new role and will answer and questions or concerns you may have.

Enjoy your new role!

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